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Language Arts BlockS

Pathways instruction focuses on the following overlapping instructional components:

Daily Routine

The Daily Routine includes Daily Read-Aloud, Daily Oral Language (DOL), word study, handwriting, and spelling. Daily Oral Language and spelling do not begin until Theme 4 of grade one. These routines are designed to be quick mini-lessons and can be used with whole-class or small-group instruction.

Reading instruction

Thematic Study

Reading instruction takes place primarily with the guided reading and thematic study activities. Guided reading focuses on comprehension strategies, fluency, and working in small groups with leveled readers. The thematic studies found in the Daily Lesson Guides, focus more on whole class comprehension strategies revolving around the theme as well as cross-curricular integrated activities.

Guided Reading

Listening to good literature read fluently and with expression is an important element of learning to read. This modeling will help motivate students in their own fluency, expression, and comprehension. Selections should be of high interest to the class covering a variety of topics and genres.

Reading Workshop

Reading Workshop revolves around self-selected reading in areas of interest to the students. The teacher works with the students individually or in small groups, checking comprehension strategies, fluency and general reading skills. Shared and paired reading along with conferencing is also a part of reading workshop. A variety of classroom and library books at the students’ reading levels is important to this program.

Writing Workshop

Writing Workshop gives the students a planned time to creatively express themselves through the writing process. Mini-lessons are conducted on various topics as needed with small groups or the whole class. Teacher-student and student-student conferences help the writing progress to a finished product.


Language Arts Block by Grade

The documents below list what is included in each of the five language arts blocks (daily routine, thematic study, guided reading, reading workshop, and writing w

Expanded Language Arts Blocks
Grades 1 & 2

Expanded Language Arts Blocks – Grades 1 & 2

Expanded Language Arts Blocks
Grades 3 & 4

Expanded Language Arts Blocks – Grades 3 & 4




Expanded Language Arts Blocks
Grades 5-8

Expanded Language Arts Blocks – Grades 5-8