Writing & Conferencing

During this time, students write for an uninterrupted, sustained period of time.  This gives them opportunity to practice and perfect writing skills and strategies.  They learn to take a piece of writing through the writing process of drafting, revising, conferencing, editing, and publishing.


Conferencing takes place while students are writing, and may be teacher-student conferences or student-student conferences.

Teacher-student conferences

During Writing Workshop the teacher moves from student to student, listening to what each writer has to say; writers need to know that what they are writing about is worthwhile. Listening to students also helps them become clearer about what they are trying to say. This is also a good time to talk about ideas, drafts, and revisions.  Teachers keep some record of conferences with individual students.  This helps document a student's progress and also provides important information about topics for mini-lessons.

student-student conferences

Conferences between students serve to foster independence and student responsibility. When engaged in student-student conferences, students take turns reading their writing to one another. They ask questions that prompts the author to write more.

Student-student conferences may address prewriting, the content of the writing selection, necessary revision, editing needs, or just about any aspect of writing. Structuring time for peer conferences is an important part of Writing Workshop.



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