Progress Reports

There are grade level report cards for K-8 Adventist schools.  Descriptors which align with Adventist Education Standards are found under each subject area on the report cards.  These descriptors will be modified as the standards are revised. Report cards should be printed directly from Data Rollup on the NAD Dashboard. 

A full description, as well as samples, of the 2014-2015 NAD Official Report is found here.

 Pathways:  A Journey to Excellence Through Literacy has adopted a holistic, yet integrated, view of the language arts.  A holistic philosophy acknowledges that there are important parts to any whole, but it is the whole that is primary.  Therefore, listening, speaking, reading, and writing (including spelling) development are reflected in one summative grade on the NAD elementary report cards.  We are requesting that you honor this philosophy as you report language arts grades for your students.