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Diving Deeply Into Math

Deeper math understanding for students begins with deeper math understanding

in teachers. This springs from our own enthusiasm and professional

development. The reality is, it starts with us.


When mathematics is properly taught, the students don't just learn rules. They learn analytical skills that they can use throughout their adult lives.”



Tom Clark

Award-winning Author & Mathematics Educator

Tom Clark is a life-long teacher of Mathematics and Science with experience at all levels, from elementary through adult. He began his careerwith twelve years of classroom teaching, including a full year of graduate study, and then served for five years as the State Mathematics Supervisor for the Indiana Department of Education. While there, he was responsible for curriculum development, statewide in-service, textbook adoption, and consultation for all public and private schools in the state. He was asked to join the Indianapolis Public Schools as the Supervisor of Mathematics, K-12, overseeing staff development,efforts and supervising the implementation of curiculum. Seven years later, Mr. Clark was promoted to the position of Director of Curriculum Development for all areas, utilizing his rich background in mathematics, science, art, music, language, and athletics. In subsequent years, he was commissioned bo author several mathematical resources for the Houghton-Mifflin Publishing Co. and for the Addison-Wesley Publishing Co.