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Introduction to
Mathematical Standards

Go Math! and Big Ideas Math are the math programs that have recently been adopted by the NAD. There have been many questions about why this change was made.

Looking at the standards may answer some questions about the math adoption, but at the same time it may also bring up other questions such as:

  • “Standards? What standards?”
  • “I follow the textbook. Why do I need standards?”
  • “What does this mean to those of us who are in the classroom?”

The information found in this section will give you some background about the standards, why they are necessary, how they should be used and how Go Math! and Big Ideas fit into the recently adopted standards.


   PDF Standard Checklists - Kindergarten
   PDF Standard Checklists - Grade 1 
   PDF Standard Checklists - Grade 2 
   PDF Standard Checklists - Grade 3 
   PDF Standard Checklists - Grade 4 
   PDF Standard Checklists - Grade 5 
   PDF Standard Checklists - Grade 6 
   PDF Standard Checklists - Grade 7 
   PDF Standard Checklists - Grade 8

Be sure to explore all the links. This exploration will pay off in many ways as you use Go Math! and Big Ideas.