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Seeking various positions for the 2014-2015 school year: Social Studies teacher (World History, American History, Economics, American Government), Technology teacher (Microsoft office, photography, graphic design, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, yearbook sponsor (InDesign)), boy's dormitory dean, ESL Director (directing the pre-high school English program focused on raising student English levels in order to take American high school courses) About TAIS There is a need for an academically superior American boarding school in Taiwan. TAIS is a preparatory school designed for students who plan to attend American universities but lack either a foreign passport or the English levels required for effective study in an American high school environment. TAIS is located in central Taiwan (Yuchih) on a beautiful 50-hectare (123-acre) campus surrounded by breathtaking mountain views. It also boasts convenient access to beautiful Sun Moon Lake, one of the hottest tourist spots in all of Taiwan. The mission of Taiwan Adventist International School is to empower and motivate its students to develop wisdom, live healthfully, care for others, and know God. TAIS offers an exclusive opportunity to minister to kids of mostly affluent families who would otherwise have little if any access to the ministry of Jesus Christ. General Description of Teacher Working Hours and other Expectations • A full time TAIS teacher will teach 5 courses per week. An average of 23 teaching hours. • All full time teachers are on duty on the weekends the students stay on campus. Teachers share duties for the weekend programming. Students typically are on campus two weekends for a full month of school. • The weekend program includes: o Friday evening vespers o Sabbath School + Church o Sabbath afternoon activity o Saturday evening activities • All SDA TAIS full time teachers and staff are required to be active and attend the Taiwan Adventist College English church during non-home leave weekends. • TAIS SDA staff members are required to uphold the standards, fundamental beliefs, and philosophy of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. • TAIS teachers share the load with school clubs and administrative duties. • TAIS Classes Could Include ESL classes • Taiwan is a first-world country, but it’s still a mission field. Flexibility is required (and it also keeps things interesting). TAIS Employment Benefits include: • Transportation: Round trip airfare for the teacher as well as one dependent for each full 10-month school year. TAIS will provide initial pickup from the Taiwan airport on the teacher’s first arrival to Taiwan. • Housing: Housing is provided as well as basic furnishings on the Taiwan Adventist Campus as availability allows.! On-campus “basic furnishings” include a clothes washing machine, basic cooking stove, bed with fitted sheet, comforter, and pillow, a wardrobe or dresser, kitchen table & chairs, a small set of dinnerware, and a couch. • Insurance: All TAIS teachers are covered under the National Healthcare program (health, dental, labor). The employer covers 70% of the monthly health insurance charges. AD&D is also provided and paid in full by TAIS. • Taiwan Travel Documents: Reimbursement for a Taiwan Visitor’s Visa, and provision of a working visa. • Environment: A beautiful countryside environment in which to live and work. • Compensation: A stipend averaging $20,000 USD for ten months’ work. (Additional pay for working the summer school program.)

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Mar 11 2014

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May 1 2014


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