Moving Hearts and
Minds Upward!

A journey to excellence in Adventist schools helps every learner excel in faith maturity and academic achievement. It moves hearts and minds upwards! Adventist education recognizes that student learning is an integrated process where spiritual growth must lead and support students’ intellectual development. Adventist education engages the whole student on a journey to our Creator God. 



Secure File Access is now available at where you can access resources for GoMath, Big Ideas, and Stepping Stones, as well as TDEC Resources and Webinars. To access the new app, log in to the Adventist Education Toolkit using your e-mail address and password, and click the FILES icon. 


ValueGenesis and CognitiveGenesis research conducted recently highlights the upward trends! A developing faith in students that embraces a loving Redeemer God and prepares them to respond to His call for service in the community and around the globe has been documented. The student learning results that exceed the norm, exceed the predictive measures, and are yielded in any Adventist school by dedicated Adventist teachers like you has been confirmed by the data. What a great privilege and huge responsibility we have in partnership with the Master Teacher to bring His students to the Kingdom.